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Mill Creek
Father's Day Show

BIG NEWS!! Bruce and Gail Hasty met with Joseph and Jillian, the owners of the Mill Creek resort, and were told by the owners that they would like to turn the Mill Creek show into a Art & Wine event. This show just keeps getting better. The bad news is, although this is not really bad news, the show is full. Thank you for getting behind this and really supporting this.

I have posted here a description of the show and who has (so far) signed up. I'm going to be updating this list constantly. If you signed up and don't see your name contact me right away.

Mill Creek June 16th & 17th 2018. This is a Fatherís Day show. Mill Creek is located about 25 miles north east of Chester CA on Hwy 172. This is a first time for this show. We are going to hit this event with all the planning, advertising and enthusiasm that we did with our Clear Creek show. Iíll admit we donít know what to expect as far as customer turnout but we didnít know what to expect with the Clear Creek show and look how well that went. Our success all depends on us and how hard we are all willing to work. All the entry fees will be going to pay for the space, insurance and the advertising. The cost for this show will be $60.00. We really need your support on this. The folks that own the resort in Mill Creek heard about our success with the Clear Creek show and want us to put on a show with them. Please get behind this one!

Here is a photo of the space at the resort. We are going to have vendors set up in this area and in front of and along side the resort. The vendors, food and the music  will be set up in the area you see here.

1* Michael Carey. Wildlife Artist 916-705-2652 mccarey1@hotmail.com 2
2* Bruce & Gail Hasty. Photography 916-580-9101 ghasty@live.net 2
3* Moo Carlson. Jewelry 530-864-7700 thussneemail@yahoo.com
4* Martin David. Jewelry mardav@mardavdesign.com
5* Melody Dilly. Jewelry dilleydalleydesigns@yahoo.com
6 Kathy Rogers. Olive Oil 530-824-5447 corningoliveoil@att.net
7* Gary Jensen. Pressed Flower Artist 530-227-6582 agatehunters@sbcglobal.net
8* Madeline Davis. Dog beds, neck warmers 530-474-4269 countreemom@aol.com
9* Bev Thacker. Llama Products 760-802-5748 bevsllamas@aol.com
10* Pat Snider. 530-383-5422 wildwind1@cot.net 2
11* Eva Gorman. Josefina Fine Knits 415-497-7514 eva@josefinafineknits.com
12* Bryan Boyle. Carved wood products myautumnwoods@yahoo.com
13* Jim & Denise Larcade. Turned wood products larcadearts@gmail.com
14* Steven Solorio. Pottery, garden pottery soloriopottery@gmail.com
15* Judy Dailey. Art & jewelry 530-249-5307 jdaileydesign@yahoo.com
16* Lucia Biunno. Caps 530-927-9867 capmaker2003@yahoo.com
17* Cheryl DeGloyer. Home decor 775-291-0141 ropingcd@outlook.com 2
18 Alma Townsend. Shaved ice almasno@comcast.net
19* Carol Rosevere. Lotions & scrubs 530-798-1495 bellarosenaturals@msn.com
20* Evelyn Tipton. Glass & rock 916-402-2766 ektipton@wavetable.com
21* Kim Martinez. Jewelry 775-230-1436 gingersuniqueboutique@aol.com

22* Pam Yearout. 530-778-3135 Jewlery yearoutp@gmail.com
23* Danielle Velasquez  916-402-7203 dannie512@comcast.net
24* Becky Johnston. Glass nail files 530-370-1164 atyourfingertips4@mail.com
25* Bill & Carol Cantone. 530-949-6624 Leather & stained glass coralcshell@gmail.com 2
26* Tony Bartholomew. Wine barrel furniture tonyirl@sbcglobal.net
27* Don McDonald. Driftwood decorations fool4flotsam@gmail.com
28*Naomi Murrary. Mountain Girl Soap 530-604-4917 naomi@mountaingirlsoap.com
29* Denise Dyer. 530-246-8887