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An American Illustrator 
Michael Carey

Hello Everybody,

I want to let all of you know that I am NOT returning to High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill this year. Rule changes and certain circumstances have made it difficult for me to be there. It's too bad, I'm going to miss that place. I set up there every year for 33 years, I got to know a bunch of people, made a lot of friends. It was the ridiculous contract they wanted me to sign that pushed me over the limit and helped me make my mind up that it was time to go. That and the fact that certain people were pushing to get the crafters and artisans out that had been there for a while. Starting August 31st I will be at Apple Ridge Farms. Apple Ridge Farms is located at 1800 Larson Rd at the intersection of Larson Dr and Cable Rd in Camino, CA. I have met the owners Steve and Candy, they are wonderful, down home  people. I am looking forward to being there! PLUS they have the best baked goods of ANY ranch on the hill and their prices and wait times in line are the lowest.

About a year and a half ago some friends of mine and I started a Crafters Co-Op. We started with 6 crafters and that got bumped up to over 160. Our Co-Op is running along just fine. I will be spending some time coming up with a new web site listing all of our members and our upcoming shows.

See you down the road.

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Last updated 6 Sept 2018

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