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My Stuff
On this page I will post pictures of things that are personal or just interest me.


This is another of my friends from High School. I have known Rich Miller for 35 years.

This is Moe. This picture just cracks me up! But this is Moe's personality. He's a big goof. You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture but he's actually a pretty smart puppy. This picture just makes him look goofy. I love this guy!

This is the newest puppy to join our family. This is Daisy. Daisy is a Yellow Lab I rescued while I was at one of my shows about 5 years ago. Our daughter Nicole had her for a while and decided she would be better off with us and we agreed to take her.



This is me working on my latest drawing. I haven't posted a picture of myself in a while so I thought this one would do. It was taken by a photographer from Sacramento Magazine.


Our very good friends Bob and Jayma Vaughan are Grandparents. This is a picture of my wife Jeanne, myself and Lillianna, the little cutie between us. We recently spent three days with our friends in Laguna Niguel. We were there to attend Lillianna's baptism.


The picture on the left is of myself (on the right wearing the goofy shirt) and one of very few people I call my best friend, Frank Van Rooy. I have known Frank since the 5th grade. Now-a-days it's pretty rare to have been friends with someone that long. He is like a brother to me, a big brother, he's not only taller than me, he's also older (by 10 months). The picture on the left is Frank with Sharlene his beautiful wife of 25 years  and his equally beautiful Mother Irene.

This is a picture of some very good friends of mine taken on the 8th of April 2004. They are, left to right, Steve Brandt, Diana Post, and yours truly. I know it doesn't look like it but I am smiling, it's just that with the beard, you can't tell.


Is this the face of a killer or what? This is the first time I have posted a picture of Greta. As far as we can figure she is part pit bull and lab and a few other ...  Anyway, we love her.

This is Jessica, my niece, at 10 months. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve 2003

I am an Uncle again! This is my newest niece Jessica. Now her and Julia (Jessica's big sister) are in a tie for being the cutest kids IN THE WORLD! Jessica makes child number 2 for my brother Mark and his wife Nena and number 14 for the amount of nieces and nephews Jeanne and I have.









This is a picture of myself (far left) my cousins Chris & Tim (2nd and 3rd from the left) and my brother Mark. These three guys are the inspiration behind almost all of the drawings I do of the kids. When we were kids we spent most of our time either getting into trouble or trying to figure out ways to stay out of it. These guys are the best!



Here is the updated photo of Flash our Bassett Hound. Look at that cute face. Do you see why I didn't have any trouble in deciding to bring her home? I think Jeanne is starting to warm up to her.