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Fishing Vicariously



When I was growing up my Dad and I would go fishing at Folsom Lake. We would load the 12ft aluminum boat on top of our VW van, throw the motor in the back and take off. I remember on the way to the lake we would stop for breakfast at a restaurant called the Purple Place. After a few minutes we would be at the lake. I remember looking at the water and noticing how smooth and glass like it would be. You could see a fish jump for hundreds of yards. It was a great feeling. Whenever I caught a fish my Dad would always be so proud of me and would make such a big deal out of it to the point where you would think he caught it himself. That's why I call this piece "Fishing Vicariously". If you will notice I have the Dad holding the stringer and fishing pole along with the Son. I did it with the idea that the Dad felt he has passed something on to the boy, even if it is only about fishing. 

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