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 About 13 years ago in 1996 a woman who lived in the town of Cool, CA. was out jogging and was attacked and killed by a mountain lion. It turned out that the lion was just trying to protect her cub and saw the woman as a threat. Hunters hired by the state tracked the lion down and killed it. Afterwards someone got the idea that the lion was protecting something, possibly a cub, so it was decided that they would try to find the cub, and, three days later, they did. The cub was brought to the Folsom Zoo in Folsom, California. They named him Willow, for that was where he was found, in the willows.


 Scroll down for size and price.






Size and prices
8" X 10" framed $35.00 2 for $60.00
8" X 10" unframed $15.00 or 3 for $40.00
11" x 14" framed $50.00 or 2 for $90.00
11" X 14" unframed $25.00 or 3 for $60.00
16" X 20" framed $85.00 or 2 for $150.00
16" X 20" unframed $45.00 or 2 for $80.00
24" X 30" framed $375.00
24" X 30" unframed $225.00
30" X 40" framed $500.00
30" X 40" unframed $325.00

Log frames available for sizes 16" X 20" and up. Call me at 1-916-705-2652 for a quote.

To place an order or ask a question just click here to email me or call me at 1-916-705-2652