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"Three Good Friends"

  I call this piece "Three Good Friends" for what, I think, are obvious reasons. Wolves are amazing animals. They mate for life, stick together as a pack, have their own system of hierarchy,  and survive against incredible odds. The wolves I have depicted here are from the Folsom Zoo. They are, clockwise from top left, Sage (the Alpha male), Tara (the Alpha female), and Redbud ( just one of the gang). This image was drawn from three different photos, the background was from my imagination, it was the only place I could find an image as peaceful as the three wolves.

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Size and prices
8" X 10" framed $35.00 2 for $60.00
8" X 10" unframed $15.00 or 3 for $40.00
11" x 14" framed $50.00 or 2 for $90.00
11" X 14" unframed $25.00 or 3 for $60.00
16" X 20" framed $85.00 or 2 for $150.00
16" X 20" unframed $45.00 or 2 for $80.00
24" X 30" framed $375.00
24" X 30" unframed $225.00
30" X 40" framed $500.00
30" X 40" unframed $325.00

Log frames available for sizes 16" X 20" and up. Call me at 1-916-705-2652 for a quote.

To place an order or ask a question just click here to email me or call me at 1-916-705-2652