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The Aviators


The following is what a client of mine wrote after looking at a preview of this drawing.

Hi Mike,

I just took a look at your "aviator" pictures and I have been captivated by the one in which the little boy is kneeling down holding an airplane, and gazing off into the distance. What a beautiful sight! The expression on the boy's face is beautifully intense. I am a teacher, and would love to see that
kind of intense focus on the faces of my students, but such a sight is unfortunately rare these days. You have captured an expression to which the next generation is not familiar. This is not the blank stare of a boy playing a video game, and I think it is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing it.


I couldn't have said it better myself. In all of my drawings with the kids I try to let people know about how I grew up and things that were important to me. I just think that, for the most part, kids these days have forgotten how to have fun on their own, or at least they have forgotten how to have fun with a $2.50 airplane.


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