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Winter Lessons

You can almost feel how cold it is. Here is a mother trying to teach her cub the skills he will need to survive in the years to come. My goal in this drawing was to show once again how dangerous and menacing nature can be and at the same time show it's beauty. I also tried to show the relationship between the mother and the cub. You can see the intense look on the face of the mother and the almost quizzical look on the cub. If you haven't figured it out by now, I love Mountain Lions. I think they are the most beautiful of all the big cats and I just can't seem to draw enough of them. This piece was completed using Prismacolor color pencils on 3 ply Bristol board.

Size and prices
8" X 10" framed $35.00 2 for $60.00
8" X 10" unframed $15.00 or 3 for $40.00
11" x 14" framed $50.00 or 2 for $90.00
11" X 14" unframed $25.00 or 3 for $60.00
16" X 20" framed $85.00 or 2 for $150.00
16" X 20" unframed $45.00 or 2 for $80.00
24" X 30" framed $375.00
24" X 30" unframed $225.00
30" X 40" framed $500.00
30" X 40" unframed $325.00

Log frames available for sizes 16" X 20" and up. Call me at 1-916-705-2652 for a quote.

To place an order or ask a question just click here to email me or call me at 1-916-705-2652